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Worst TIme Playing This time.....

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igs-sauerpauer said...
  • frustrated
it seems like it is repeating some of the same quests and storyline of Fable2..... It shares the same Music and same areas to explore... it Brings back the same Music Box from the second game... the ending of the revolution made me mad because this game revolve to the fact of beating your brother and winning the throne... the revolution just takes about 6 minutes to do..... and the big battle i thought would come was a mere disappointment... I don't wanna continue the game because of my save glitch... when i saved it deleted my hero and replaces it with a corrupt file... I might when i get bored and have a lot of time on my part..

The One Game save Error is getting me really annoyed with Lion Head.. it happened again on the 3rd of June too..
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